Wasted Generation Nigerians angry with girl who posted nude birthday photo [Graphic Photo]

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A young lady who felt the best way to celebrate her birthday was to post her nude photo on the social media has gotten the kind of backlash she did not expect.

A young Nigerian girl who celebrated her birthday recently and posted a nude photograph offherself on the social media has come in for severe attack by many Nigerians who think what she did was debasing womanhood. The pretty girl who would be in her teen, thought the best way to celebrate was to show her nakedness because, according to her, she came into the world naked but the scheme backfired as many Nigerians bombarded her
with insults.

Photos: Teenage Secondary School Student Posts Half Naked Pictures On Facebook To Celebrate Her Birthday 
This is what she wrote on her social media space:

 "Since is my birthday today…I’ve decided to show off some of my skin. Because I was born naked.."

But trust Nigerians to get in on such and make life difficult for her with their comments. Read some of them here: "What is this girl trying to promote? These children have lost all morals and they need to be flogged." - Samuel Akpan 

 "Nothing wey eyes no go see for this world ooo!!! Does this one have parents at all? What makes her think this rubbish is cool?" - David Adeshola "This girl surely lacks home training or maybe she is one of those girls who does not listen to their parents. This is shameful." - Ayobami

 "And this one will claim to be a human being? What is this nonsense we keep seeing? This Internet is really tearing some people's brains.' - Steven Ben

 "If this girl were to be my daughter, I would beat the living daylight out of her stupid brain. What are all these stupidities? I know some people will say she has the right to do anything she wants as it is her body but I mean, no sane lady does this." - "Well, I don't have anything to say to you only that you are a disgrace to womanhood.Mrs. Olamide Adebayo

I am sure you thought this rubbish is cool but take a good look at yourself and see whether you are cool with it." - Vivian Alele


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