My Ban From Kannywood Opened A Lot Of Doors For Me – Rahama Sadau

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Talented actress, Rahama Sadau was banned from the Kannywood film industry after she shared a hug with Jos-based pop singer Classiq in a Hausa music video.
The ban catapulted her into the limelight and she has since then featured in several Nollywood films including a yet unreleased movie The Accidental Spy, with Ramsey Nouah.
Speaking with The Guardian Life, the Kaduna- born actress opened up about growing up, her Kannywood experience, rejecting roles and her transition into Nollywood.
The actress also talked about sharing similar experience with Priyanka Chopra, who transitions from Bollywood to Hollywood.
Excerpt from the interview below:
“They don’t like her doing it but still they are proud of her. We have similar problems and are facing similar situations because at some point, they have to accept you and appreciate what you’re doing.
*How was growing up in Kaduna?
It was a normal life, it has been very great and fantastic. I remember being a dancer in primary school and secondary school.
*You’re quite young, 23? When you started acting really early how did your parents and your community first take it? Were they supportive?
No, especially my mum, because they thought the industry is not a good place for a young girl like me. But she has still been supportive. No matter how they try to keep us away from our dreams she still tries to support us because she is afraid of us falling into the wrong hands but at some point she was like no and I pushed for it.
*Tell us about your Kannywood experience
I started acting in the year 2013. So far it has been great and it was my starting point. I am really grateful for it, I am thankful for what it has made me become today. I have lived in Kaduna all my life. Whenever I travel to any other state it’s for work.
*You were banned from Kannywood, how did it affect your career at the time?


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