BREAKING: Niger Delta group attacks Rivers, blows Bera pipeline

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– One of the Niger Delta militant groups takes responsibility for the attack on pipeline in Rivers state
– The militants threatened to continue their attacks if President Buhari won’t address their demands

Niger Delta Justice Defence Group (NDJDG) has attacked oil pipelines in Bera, Gokana local government area of the Rivers state on early hours of August 4, Thursday.

The militants said that this is in continuation of their warning to the government of Muhammadu Buhari to immediately look into their demand and attend to them.

The statement reads: “ We are responsible for the vandalization of oil pipelines in Bera, Gokana local government area of Rivers state last night, by 1.30am.

“Previously we blew up pipelines in Gio-Tai L.G.A and B-Dere in Gokana L.G.A and issued warning to oil companies to vacate our region and suspend all oil explorations in the region until our demands are met.

“Till now, the FG is still playing politics with the Ogoni cleanup while the people continue to suffer every day from environmental degradation. We will continue our actions until the welfare and plight of our people are given utmost attention by the Muhamadu Buhari led FG.

“This time around we shall spread our tentacles and expand the scope of our operation to Onne Wharf in Rivers state and other parts of the country.”
The NDJDG earlier listed five demands to the government of President Buhari.
The militants asked to be allowed to control the oil output in the region and to immortalize activists who died during the struggle for better life for the Niger Delta region among others.
Earlier today, August 4, the Niger Delta Avengers, challenged the Nigerian army to share the photos of the killed militants


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