BREAKING: UNN Students Boycott Lectures, Ground School Activities To Protest Months Of Epileptic Power Supply

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The Student Union Government of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC) on Monday effected its directive to students to stay away from lectures to protest months of near absence of electric power supply in the university. This coming as the students prepares for the 2015/2016 second semester academic session examinations. LEADERSHIP correspondent reports that the whole lectures halls in the university were under unlock as early as 6:00am on Monday with inscription: SUG UNEC, No Light, No Lectures, Keep Off!!! In a statement issued to students on Sunday, the SUG President, Emmanuel Ebuka Nwankwo had urged students to comply with the directive to draw management’s attention to their plight. Nwankwo said the “outcome of the meeting between the the executive council, speaker and principal officers of the House of Representatives, the principal officers of the Senate, the DSP, the chief judge and all the judges, all faculty and departmental presidents, fellowship presidents, hall governors, class representative and indeed all the student stakeholders has led us to arrive at the conclusion that it is time to revive the aluta spirit.” He lamented that the union was tired of management’s nonchalant attitude to the issue even after several dialogues. “With exams drawing closer and the seeming continuing non-chalance of the university management the SUG in collaboration with university stakeholders is declaring a one week sit at home protest,” Nwankwo said in the statement. According him, “We have been quiet for far too long. It is time we take our fate into our hands. There would be no lectures, no exams, no posting, nothing until we get power.” “This movement begins Monday 6th and it cannot succeed without your help. United we stand, divided we fall. From today onwards our motto is ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT!,” the statement added.


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